Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Alert Level Raised

The terror alert level in our house has been raised to Red, effective immediately. Callie will be here in less than 2 weeks instead of 6 weeks as previously planned. I have been duly warned and I'm already thinking of ways to keep my ears protected when she's around. Guess they're just going to be an easy target from here on out. I wish Callie would follow my barking orders as Spenser and Chance do. Confounding!

My mom is all excited that Callie is coming home for good. I think it's because she comes attached with someone she calls her "precious daughter Autumn", whom I also have affection for. I'm sure I will learn to adapt to the changes. If it makes Mom happy, then I'm happy. Besides, I don't think Callie meant to tear a chunk of my ear off. She seemed repentant afterwards and she is a lot of fun other than that one episode. Especially when we chase each other around the house.

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