Monday, January 30, 2006


I must say, having all of these dogs living in the house creates a nervous environment for me. At times, it's difficult to control all the others, plus make sure I get my fair share of crumbs the humans leave behind. My latest requirement is that I be left alone to perform my duties in the yard. Chance, Spenser and Leo are a distraction, rendering me unable to concentrate on the task at hand. At my age, regular eliminations are extremely important.

Last night, dad let me out in the backyard to relieve myself - which I did; but I also discovered a gap in the fence just large enough for me to squeeze through - which I also did, unbeknownst to dad.

This unexpected escape was thrilling, yet frightening all at once. Standing just outside the tall wood planks, alone in the dark, without my posse, caused me to suddenly rethink my impulsiveness. It never occurred to me to go back where I came from, so I started wandering, looking for familiar things or humans.

Suddenly, I heard dad calling me by all my names with a strong sense of urgency: Sparky! Spark Plug! As he went on, I realized that perhaps I needed to remain close to our dwelling, so I went around to the front of the house and noticed the front door. I remembered this tall object from our walks. There I parked myself until daddy came for me. Boy, was I relieved to see him and vice versa!

Dad had not told mom that any of this was going on. He said she would have freaked out. Dad was sorta freaking out himself, and he is not usually one to fall apart.

As soon as the human parents finished showering me with pets and kisses, I climbed into my bed, snuggled in, and attempted to erase the whole incident from my memory. A good night's sleep was just the ticket.

My adventurous years are obviously behind me. Besides, dad has ensured that I will never be tempted to do that again by blocking the escape route with a brick.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Giant THANK YOU Howl to Dogster!

My diary is one of the Daily Picks again. How wonderful to be chosen by the fabulous staff of Dogster. This truly is a great site for dog lovers. My mom and I have enjoyed every second being on here. If you post a problem or question in Forums, there are a multitude of kind souls to respond and offer advice. Leo had an illness a few weeks ago and there were so many dogs and their moms who were truly concerned. My love to all of you.

Thank you again, Dogster.

Sniffs and wags,

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Where Can I File Inhumane Treatment Charges?

Night before last was so much fun. We were all taken on a long walk around the neighborhood. My smelling receptors were in high gear and my bladder seemed to produce just the right amount of liquid for each blade of grass or mailbox my heart desired. I was in true bliss.

Last night, however, Chance and I were subjected to a ghastly experiment which went horribly wrong. Mom brought some sort of contraption home that allowed her to tether Chance and I together while she held onto one leash. She said we were causing too much trouble on separate leads.

This new "strangler", as I like to call it, was torturous and provided no fun at all for me. Chance is at least 2 stories taller than I, which meant that every time I wanted to veer off to sniff something, Chance just jerked me along to wherever HE wanted to go. It was so unfair. Many times, I had to hobble off on 3 legs before I could even get a drop of pee out! I can't tell you how utterly embarrassing it was to be dragged along by the inferior one of the pack. I'm supposed to be in charge. Now everyone in the neighborhood thinks that Chance is in charge.

Spenser had his problems too. He was forced to wear a collar that went over his nose. Ha-ha! I wasn't the only humiliated pooch of the pack! Dad was basically leading him around by the nose to keep him from pulling. It would have been more amusing if I wasn't dealing with my own crisis, and my mom had refrained from laughing at me the entire time.

I swear! The humans are constantly thinking up new ways to torture us. I give so much love, loyalty and devotion to them too! When the humans first informed us that we would go on evening walks, I was so excited. I did hear mom tell dad this morning that she was going to exchange the current death trap strangler for a larger one. Please, God, have mercy on me.