Friday, June 23, 2006


My annoying brother Leo has been given to mom's son and daughter-in-love who are now called "the newlyweds". Hannah has been asking to take Leo from day 1 and mom finally broke down. After much discussion, a wedding, and lectures, mom has decided that the newlyweds can keep him at their place. Mom says she will keep a close eye on things and if any problems arise, she will snatch him back.

It's been weird the last 3 days. I'm used to having his butt in my face all the time, or his big stinky face, which was the most aggravating thing you could possibly imagine. I no longer hide under furniture, pout, or growl unceasingly. The best part is that I have mom all to myself. At least until Chance and Spenser try to horn in. When they do that, I lay down the law real quick!

Hannah says Leo looks sad now. Of course he is! He doesn't have me to annoy any longer! Mom has a long face too, but in no time she will be giving me her undivided attention and start enjoying the peace and quiet around here.

Eventually, I think Leo will be happier in a home where he is the center of attention. Mom doesn't really want to admit that he was too much for her to handle. She's stubborn like that.

I'm perfectly content with the new equation: 3 canines and 2 utterly devoted humans. Actually, what would be perfect is to have 2 canines and 2 humans, but I don't want to push my luck. Although if one of us had to hit the road, it should be Spenser with his humping, burping, and other unmentionable noises. Mom won't hear of it though. She's the only one who can tolerate him. She says no one else would put up with all his "issues".

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