Monday, January 24, 2005

It's the Monday Blues

I am having withdrawals after being by mommy and daddy's side all weekend. It was cold and they were so warm to be next to. Plus, they shower me with love and affection every minute of the day. Why must it end?

Sunday, I caused quite a scare when mommy opened the garage door and I slipped out to investigate the neighborhood. I've never done that before and I don't know why I decided to do it then, but mommy and daddy were frantic. They were yelling my name over and over, clapping their hands and whistling very loudly. Finally, I came out of hiding, wagging my tail, thinking they would be happy to see me. Well, they were, but fussed at me too. Mommy kissed and hugged me for the longest time. I was just being neighborly...geesh!

The human kids came over to visit last night. That was the highlight of my weekend. They love me too and when dinner was served, Michael and Greg slipped me little morsels under the table. Mommy outdid herself; it was quite a tasty dish. I'm glad they're not little kids because sometimes when the little humans come over, they don't know how to be gentle. Sometimes, the red-headed human child screams when I try to kiss or sniff her. When that happens, I curl up in my bed and stay away.

That's my most recent set of adventures. Talk to you soon. Ruff!

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