Thursday, January 6, 2005

New Toys

Yesterday I received 3 new toys from Mommy. My old ones were stinky and dirty. These are the softest I've had yet! Best of all, the bear and monkey have no eyes or noses for me to chew on, which could be very dangerous. I know I shouldn't chew off noses and eyes, but it's too tempting for me to resist. Now I can just squeak my new toys until my heart's content. Aahh.

Spenser and Chance tried to sniff my new toys, but GRRRRR, I let them know in no uncertain terms that they were not welcome, and I was in no mood to share. Their intentions were not noble. I must protect my new charges! Spenser would have shredded them to bits in less than a minute. I took each precious toy one-by-one to my soft, plush doggie bed and brought one to Mommy. As we sat together in her overstuffed chair, I kept a keen eye out for any intruders trying to steal the rest of my treasures. As soon as the big dogs made a move, I was on their hides! I am a fierce general and Spenser and Chance are afraid of me.

Tomorrow is the big day for my dental. Mommy is still worried. Will update more tomorrow.

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