Monday, October 31, 2005

Warning: Oklahoma Has Vicious Ticks

Mom and dad took me with them to Turner Falls for a 4 day weekend getaway. My snuggly bed was placed between their seats in the car, so all I had to do was sit there like a king on a throne. I play that part very well.

Turner Falls is stunningly beautiful. Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur was even prettier. During our hikes we saw water falls, gold, red and green trees, springs, caves and even a castle. Where there was running water, dad would let me drink. It was so fresh; so much better than the yucky water in our bowl at home. Dad carried me a lot 'cause mom was afraid my heart would give out. She just won't forget about that stupid heart murmur.

Everything was going really well until we returned home. After getting our obnoxious greetings from Spenser and Chance, dad noticed I had a big red splotch on my inside back leg. Both mom and dad began inspecting me, which I detest, by the way. Dad noticed a black spot in the center of it and when he tried to pull on it, I yelped and started to bite. I didn't mean to bite, but it hurt so bad.

Mom scooped me up and drove to the emergency room. Lucky for me, mom knows everyone in there. All sorts of emergencies were going on and here is mom, acting like I'm dying or something. It was sooooo embarrassing.

Mom's friend took one look and said, "Yep, looks like a tick. Sparky, did you bring a visitor back with you?" As if I would purposely bring something as detestable as a blood-sucking creature back with me.

She put a muzzle on me and the nice nurse with the sense of humor pulled out the offensive little devil with a pair of hemostats.

As if all that wasn't stressful enough, mom gave me a really long bath when we got home. She said she was checking for more evil critters.

I'll be so glad when it heals up because I'm sick of being inspected. Did I tell you that I really hate that?

I do hope the next time we travel, I will have some say in where we go.

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