Monday, May 22, 2006

Grazie Mille, They're Back!

Notice I'm even learning a little Italian here? Every chance she gets, mom uses little Italian phrases on us. I'm even called Little Bambino sometimes. Can you believe they didn't even bring home treats for us? I was a little put out, seeing that they bought all the human children, family, friends and co-workers presents, but not one souvenir for their faithful pack. Grrrr.

Enough of this Italy stuff. Movin' on people!

Mom came home from work late, late Sat. night (well, really 2am Sun.) and announced that I will be in a chihuahua race in 2 weeks. Due to my over-indulgence of human leftovers, in addition to my own carefully selected diet, I am not in any shape to be in a race. Not to mention the fact that I am accustomed to being outside for a scant few minutes at a time. Is she kidding?? I must find a way to dodge this bullet. Perhaps I can feign an injury of some sort. I will gimp around the day before and hope she sees that there is no way I can compete. Does she really want to embarrass us both by letting me waddle in a public arena? Well, I refuse to be put on display in this manner, and I will do whatever it takes to avoid being a spectacle for the amusement of others.

There is always something I'm having to deal with around here. Why can't I just live my life in peace, quiet, and harmony without all these expectations?

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