Monday, April 3, 2006

Ciao, Ti Amo

Translated: Hello, I love you. Wonder how that Doors song would have sounded in Italian? Not good probably. One good thing about mom and dad's trip is that Michael and Hannah will stay at our house so we don't have to be boarded. YAY! We'll all be together, just as normal.

Yesterday was our dreadful bath day. Spenser was first and he did not appreciate the cold water from the hose one bit. Mom had to pull him like a mule, then he would escape, and she would drag him over to the hose again. Round and round they went. Her glasses kept slipping off her face and falling in the soapy water. She ended up wetter than the dogs. I observed the entire spectacle from under a lawn chair, hoping not to be noticed.

Next was Chance and since he had already seen the wrong done to Spenser, he caused mom a lot of grief too by running away, shaking his soapy fur, and getting rounded up over and over.

I thought I was gonna get out of it when mom came in the house with the bottle of shampoo in her hands, but alas, she had other ideas. Apparently, the garden hose is not good enough for me, so thankfully, I was given the luxury of a proper bath in the human's tub.

After our fur dried, we were each subjected to brushing. Chance loves this part. His fur is the most beautiful and he welcomes any opportunity to show it off.

Leo was exempt from the entire ordeal. How fair is that??? Mom says his fur requires maintenance by a professional, so he will be going soon to someone called "groomer". I'd rather have mom bathe me than groomer.

Once all was calm again, I nestled into mom's lap for the rest of the evening. While the process of bathing and brushing seems barbaric, I love how clean I feel afterwards. And so does mom.

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