Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm a little perturbed at mama. While I was parked in front of the kitchen stove waiting for more scraps, Chance got the bright idea to jump on the couch to be next to mama. This NEVER happens. Never. No telling how long he was there, selfishly gobbling up all her attention.

As soon as I got wind of what was going on, I raced back to the living room and tried to bully him off. Well, mama was having none of that. She fussed at me and pushed me away! I couldn't believe the obvious act of treason happening right before my very eyes.

Finally, Chance jumped down and I snuggled back into mama's lap thinking all was well in my world again. But he still acted like he wanted back on the couch. This caused me to go into patrol mode, walking up and down along the edge, growling. He was clearly testing my authority. Mama told me that if I was going to misbehave like that I should go elsewhere. Misbehave? Um, it's called protecting your territory. She doesn't understand anything.

Then she said, "I'm the boss, Sparky; not you."

Hmph! When the heck did that happen?


  1. Sparky my man, I go through the same thing sometimes when my pesky sister is on Mom's lap, I go over and just push her out of the way and Mom gets mad at me!!!

    Waggles, Chewy

  2. Sparky, thats what happens when you have brothers and sisters, my mom is thinking of getting me one of those, and I am not very happy about it.