Saturday, November 14, 2009


My most devoted human has been taking care of her mother who lives out of town. This has caused a delay in blogging. I wish I could blog myself, but I don't have opposable thumbs which are apparently much-needed digits if you are going to have a blog. I'm good at dictating, so I kind of need a human with those special thumbs to help me get the word out.

Let's see, I have been missing my mama a LOT! Daddy is great, however, he is pretty enamored with Izzy, and I have little chance of usurping her position. All I have is Chance to boss around, and my choice of several beds around the house. Lately, I have become quite fond of Izzy's bed inside of her crate. It's my little get away spot when everyone is annoying me.

When my mama finally returned I was overcome with joy. I growled at the other dogs for horning in on the special greeting I had prepared for her. She fussed at me, too. Not at all the kind of appreciation I expected. But I got over it quickly as we all settled in with our comfy blankies to watch TV. Ah, life is good again.

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