Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Weekend and the Big Fight

Callie came to visit from Memphis. I overheard the humans say that she will be moving here permanently in May. This could pose a serious threat to my very existence, especially after what happened on Saturday.

You see, I took it upon myself to guard her large bag of puppy food. They tried to hide it from me in the upstairs bedroom, but my superior smelling abilities sniffed it out in no time. Mommy shooed me away from the bag Friday night and shut the door right in my face. The nerve! I sat by the door, awaiting my opportunity, as I know from experience that all doors are opened again eventually.

The next morning, Mommy was in the shower and Callie's mommy had left the bedroom for a split second when something terrible happened. I'm embarrassed to admit that I was overpowered by Callie and she ripped my ear in half. I ran and hid under Mommy's bed. As I was shaking my head, blood was splattering all over the room. I was completely traumatized. Callie's mom was crying.

Lucky for me my Mom works at a vet hospital and I go to work with her a lot, so everyone knows me and loves me. Before they operated, some of the nurses made bunny ears out of gauze and placed a colorful wrap around my head (see picture above). Glad someone was getting enjoyment out of my painful ordeal. Soon, a mask was put over my face and before I knew it, the room was getting hazy, and then I was dreaming of that big bag of puppy food....and it was all mine!

Dr. C. sewed my ear back together, but now it looks funny and it hurts. I will sport my war wound proudly though so other canines will see how tough I am and that I should not be messed with.

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