Wednesday, March 30, 2005

On The Mend

Even though I am recovering from surgery, guard duty is still high on my list of priorities. From my towering position on the ottoman, I am able to control Spenser and Chance quite nicely. The second they go for one of my toys (or even theirs) I soar through the air like a bullet, growl fiercely and chase them away. They usually respond by tucking their tails and turning away from me. Mom says they look as though a bumble bee has just stung them. Sometimes, Spenser will rebel by barking loudly. If he does that, Mommy shouts my name and with head hung low (to show how obedient I am) I walk slowly over and snuggle close to her. If I manage to look particularly pitiful, she will say, "Good boy!" in that sweet, sappy voice. I thank her profusely by thumping my tail and licking her face.

***update - sympathy letter 4/27/05***

Dear Sparky,

As your Aunt, I wanted to extend my fondest wishes for a speedy recovery. I was horrified to hear the news of your tragic run-in with your sister. I was incapcitated for days from worry!

But I know you are a survivor (I can picture you running up the Philadelphia steps just like Sylvester Stallone did in Rocky) overcoming your unfortunate accident.

Here's a tip: If I were you, when Callie comes for another visit I would keep both eyes and one and half ears (sorry) open! Be aware, alert and on guard.

I'm sure Callie is sorry for the whole Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield incident and would never do it again - but play it safe.

Well, again, hoping you make a full recovery. I saw your picture and I think it only adds to your already wonderful character.


Aunt Jo Anne

P.S. Dogs rule, cats drool!!!

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