Thursday, June 16, 2005

Personal Hygiene Issues

Last night the horrible deed was finally carried out. Mom has been threatening it for weeks. We were forced to endure “The Dreaded Nail Trim”. Only some of us were imposed upon though. One of us managed to escape and I’ll explain that later. First, mom and dad ganged up on me…their poor little orphan. Daddy held on firmly while mom clipped away. I yelped and squirmed with all my might. I WAS FURIOUS. It was of no use; Daddy’s very strong. Afterwards, I was given the obligatory treat, which I busied myself with in an effort to blot out the horrendous incident.

Chance mistakenly thought mom wanted to shake his paw. He loves to give mom paw. She took it in her hand and whipped out the shiny chrome clipper from behind her back. He didn’t realize what was happening at first (he’s a little slow). When he did realize what was happening, he tried to run off, but mom was smart. She brought out treats for Round II. Chance is a sucker for treats. For each nail, he got a piece of a treat. I only got one treat for ALL my nails. How unfair is that?

Spenser let mom clip one nail and he was outta there! He wouldn’t even come to her with the lure of a treat. Spenser has a lot of willpower. Chance and I, not so much. We're treat junkies. Mom lost that battle with Spenser, but I know she'll get him sooner or later.

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