Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Abandonment Issues and Backyard Adventures

My mom has been too busy lately to help me write. She really needs to make more time for me, Lord of the Manor. How dare she devote time to other things? Anyway, I'm baaack.

A couple of weeks ago mom and dad drove away and they were gone for a really long time. Mom at least had the foresight to send her human boy, Michael, to stay with us. The first night, I refused to sleep in the bed with him, but by the 2nd night, I relented, as I was starting to feel quite lonely. I missed my mommy, what can I say?

The first night, “Spenser the Idiot” ate two toads. Michael had to call my mom on the phone because “the Idiot” began foaming at the mouth. Fortunately, the toads in our area are not toxic; they just taste really bad. Spenser either doesn't care or is too stupid to care. From that point on, our caretaker was forced to go on toad patrol before every potty break. I keep telling mom that Spenser needs to go live on a farm somewhere. He’s always on the prowl for rabbits, birds, and now TOADS. Yuk!

Finally, mom and dad returned. We ganged up on them and greeted them in that obnoxious way we have. We were so happy to see them that we didn’t let them know how angry we really were for abandoning us. Michael was a pretty good substitute, so it's all good.

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