Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rock Stars Suck

Hi everyone. Once again, my mom is derelict in helping me with my diary entries. Sigh! And something else has been going on. She's been watching this Rock Star INXS thing in the big black box for 2 weeks. I'm feeling quite put-out with the whole situation. It seems to me that she loves JD, MiG and Marty more than me. She can't even reach in and pet those people for goodness' sake! Here I am, begging for attention, and she's shushing me and waving me away with her hand. Not only that, she makes it so loud that I have to cover my ears with my paws! I have now turned my attention over to Daddy, who appreciates me so much more. I'm gonna sit snuggly with my daddy while she claps and hoots for people that can't even hear her. Grow up mom, please!

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