Friday, August 26, 2005

A New Brother

Has everyone seen my new sibling, Leo (Leonardo)? Click on his picture if you get a minute. Admittedly, he is cute and sweet, but nowhere *near* as cute as me.

I fiercely protected him when he first arrived last weekend 'cause mom said he had a hurt head. I didn't want Spenser and Chance to scare him. They have this obnoxious way of saying hello.

Can you believe I'm not even jealous? Besides, Leo has some really good and different tasting food than the boring fare I have been given day after day. When mom opens his crate door, I have learned to position myself just right so I can grab a few morsels. Mmmm, tasty!

Today is Leo's 5th day in our house and he has gone from being unsteady on his legs to running! It's true! This morning he actually ran.

Mom is going to have to do something about his multiple, daily eliminations though. He goes poo-poo and pee-pee anytime, anywhere. If the mood strikes, he'll go from innocently sitting, to the potty position. Mom and dad don't even fuss about it. They say, "Oh Leo. You're such a potty machine!" If I did that, bet I'd get my butt popped. Maybe it's because he's sick. When he gets well, they'd better make him mind. The rest of us have to.

Other than those minor infractions, I think I'm going to like Leo. He is just my size, he's friendly, he's cute, and most importantly, he has gourmet food which he doesn't mind sharing.

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