Friday, February 10, 2006

Where's Italy?

Lately, mom and dad have been talking about a trip they're taking to a place called Italy. I hope it's not too far away from me, or even better that they're going to take me with them! However, based on my limited language skills, I'm pretty sure I'm not going. In fact, I do remember them mentioning that Leo and I would get to stay with Michael and Hannah.

Wonder where Spenser the goob and Chance are going to stay? If Chance has to board at the emergency clinic again, I hope he doesn't freak out like he did the last time. By the time mom and dad picked him up, he had stopped eating and was bleeding from his booty due to excessive diarrhea.

Wouldn't you know I did not get 9 treats for my birthday yesterday? Mom sang this stupid happy birthday song 9 times though. What's up with that? I tried to act like it didn't bother me by playing with my stretchy toy most of the night. I think I may have taken my anger out on Spenser, because I snarled at him everytime he went towards his favorite bone. Mom fussed at me each time too. Birthdays, apparently, do not give you the liberty to do whatever you please. Grrrr.

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