Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Big Finale

Tonight is the finale for Rock Star: INXS. Finally! Maybe mom can return to normal after tonight.

The kids have been invited over for the (cough) *event*. A delicious round steak and gravy dinner is planned - Louisiana style. She hasn't cooked since Labor Day, so I am really looking forward to all the plates I am going to get to lick. It kinda makes me nervous though, 'cause if everyone puts their plate on the floor at the same time, then I will have a dickens of a time controlling everything. I may just have a panic attack.

This evening will probably bring out the worst in me as mom thinks we should all get to lick the plates. How can she treat her baby like this? My tongue is so small, it takes eons to clean one dish. Spenser's tongue is huge. A few swipes and the gravy will be gone, leaving me no chance at all. Plus, we have an extra brat (Leo) who will be horning in on my good time. So not fair.

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