Monday, September 5, 2005

Body Slamming

Leo has entered a new phase of development starting this morning. There are more facets to his personality than anyone dreamed.

While we were all outside doing our morning eliminations, Leo decided to body slam me, over and over. Mom laughed and said it reminded her of a dance called "the bump". He acted like he was just going to rub his body alongside me, then bam! His hip lurched sideways and he slammed me against the patio wall. I wish mom hadn't laughed. Now he thinks it's a big game. My only option was to run under the lawn table for refuge. Mom felt sorry for me and picked me up.

Mom walked into the house last night and smelled a lot of urine. Boy was she hot! Leo was hastily put in his crate 'cause she knows the rest of us are completely respectful of our abode. I pranced all around right in front of him just to rub it in. He cried and cried, but mom refused to let him out. The ony time he came out was to go outside for a potty break. She found pee on all the rugs in the kitchen and bath and also in the upstairs hall. She was MAD. Ha-ha. Revenge is so sweet. The little rascal is finally getting what he deserves.

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