Thursday, September 8, 2005


Mom has noticed a big change in my personality the last few days. As much as possible, I stay on her lap, in my bed or under the sofa. And I make sure I have the saddest looking face possible. The situation with Leo is becoming intolerable. I'm not even mad at him anymore, just hurt that he thinks he can march in here and boss me around with that big bearded *stinky* face.

IF momma IS babying me, it's only because she tries to make me feel better about Leo's bullying tactics. He has turned into quite a rapscallion. Oh, he acted so pitiful at first. I knew it was an act! In addition, his incessant barking has nearly ruptured all of our ear drums. You see, I sensed this type of behavior from the beginning; that's why I was snarling at him when he first got here. He needed to be set straight on who is truly in charge, but momma popped me on the hiney every time I tried. Now she's feeling sorry for me, but that's good because I don't get pops on the butt or scolded for taking up for myself any longer.

In other news, my dad's human brother is still here trying to get his life in order after the horrible storm which the humans named "Katrina". It should have been called something else...a mean Hitler...or something. I don't know, I always thought Katrina was a pretty name. Something destructive like that shouldn't have a pretty name. Anyway, Wayne is looking for jobs around here at the area hospitals and may be with us for a while. That's okay, because Wayne is nice to us, plus, we have someone home most of the day.

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