Wednesday, September 7, 2005


My sources have revealed to me that my new *brother* Leo has been issuing complaints about our digs on a public forum of all places! Not only that, he has called me infantile and criticized mom for babying me. I take complete offense to those remarks. I am NOT a baby and mom does NOT coo at me. Those are completely false rumors with nothing to substantiate them. I categorically deny these accusations! And here I was being nice to Leo the last 2 days.

Well, I've got some dirt on him too. He shivers like a wimp during the night and won't get under the covers to warm himself. Not too bright in my opinion. In addition, he has been walking around since yesterday with an unidentifiable object stuck in his butt hair. So, if he wants to get nasty, let's get it on!

Other than my pesky new brother, life is pretty wonderful. Mom and dad are really sweet to me - and not in a cooing, baby sort of way. They make my life so pleasant with an abundance of food, treats, and love. Why, I bet Queen Elizabeth's corgis aren't treated as special as me. Yes, I am better off than royalty in my estimation.

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